How To Troubleshoot Your Boiler

When your boiler breaks down it’s never fun but there are some simple steps you can try before you call a boiler engineer.

  • If you have recently had a power cut, this can reset the controller and timers, causing the boiler not to go on so double check the timer and control panel.


  • Check the boiler has power


  • Check the thermostat is set high enough


  • Check the Pilot light hasn’t exstinguished, this is more common on older boilers but worth checking.


  • Do you have enough water pressure, several factors can cause a drop in water pressure, in the winter the feed could be frozen. If you open the valve to increase the water pressure and nothing happens, you’ve likely got a water issue.


  • Switch the boiler off and leave it a couple of minutes then turn it on again

These are the more user friendly methods you can try, you can visit this page for more ideas As always use caution and of course these steps are only given as a guide only and it is your responsiblity wether you wish to try then or not.

If after trying to find the issue you’re stuck, call a reputable boiler engineer to get your boiler up and running again.

Why ShouldChoose an Accredited Boiler Installer

A vast majority of boiler engineers are hard working, honest people who offer a great service and an excellent job. Sadly the very small minority spoil it for the majority, so what extra steps can you take to ensure your boiler engineer is reputable and carries out high quality work, use a manufacturer accredited installer.

Vaillant offer a find an installer, these will be installers who fit their boiler and may hold stock which in principal means they are legitimate. They do point out they are not responsible for the installer.

Worcester Bosch have, what we feel, is a more solid system, the have an accredited Worcester Bosch installer certification. These accreditation involves attending various courses and the engineers credentials such as being gas safe registered and any other relevant bodies. We feel this offers consumers real peace of mind. The Worcester Bosch accredited engineers we know are fully deserving of the accreditation and we feel due to the fact there are regular courses, Worcester Bosch offer a great way for consumers to get peace of mind when getting a new boiler fitted.

Worcester Bosch are not the cheapest boilers, they are however high quality and the fact the offer courses to their accredited installers says alot to us and when factoring in the additional cost, you have to bear in mind you know you’re getting a good installation service. Of course there are 100’s of installers who may not fit Worcester Bosch boilers who would easily get the accreditation if they did supply and fit their boilers, our aim in this article was to give you a quick guide to find a reputable installer who has to show they are competent at their job, quickly and easily.

You can find a link to Vaillant and Worcester Bosch’s respective installer finder below. Of course neither company is liable for the installer, the manufacturers are simply offering a service to find a boiler engineer who either fits their products or has proven they are competent at their job.

Legionnaires test is Not Compulsory For Landlords

Recently there has been some misunderstanding regarding amendments to the revised L8 ACOP. Some leasing agencies have been misinformed and are requesting a Legionnaires test certificate from landlords. Although a landlord should ensure their water supply is of good quality there is no requirement to supply a Legionnaires test certificate to any leasing company or tennant.

You can read the ammended code of practice here

Please spread the word, no test certificate is required for Landlords.

Looking For Central Heating Services in Aberdeen

If you stay in Aberdeen, you know it’s getting to that time of year where your heating will definitely be getting used alot more. It’s a good time to get your boiler serviced in preparation for winter. Likewise if your old boiler is getting past it and might struggle, it is a good time to get your old boiler replaced.

AGS heating are a highly reputable locally based business who special in gas central heating and boiler installation in Aberdeen. We can personally vouch for these guys, they carry out top quality work. AGS have around 30 years experience in the trade so you won’t go far wrong with them.

Currently AGS are offering some great deals on new boilers and are Worcester accredited installers.  So get yourself ready for winter and avoid those annoying boiler breakdowns and get in touch with AGS to have your boiler serviced or repaired.

Their website url is

AGS being a responsible company recommend you read this article at

and always check any gas engineers credentials at

Winters Coming – Prepare Those Pipes

With autumn definitely showing signs of arriving soon, now is the time to check your pipes to avoid those dreaded burst pipes. Even pipes within your home, such as in your loft and basement are at risk as these are basically exposed area with no heating to prevent them from freezing over.

Pipe lagging is a quick and effectively way to insulate your pipes, the new foam type pipe insulation works well and is easy to fit. We’ve seem first hand the damage burst pipes cause, having personally seen ceilings lying on the floor and a Niagra falls effect on all the walls, the damage from burst pipes can be extensive if not spotted quickly.

If you are going on holiday over the winter, the ideal situation is for a good friend or family member to keep an eye on your home. It can make sense to have the heating come on for a little while , even if you’re not there because it circulates heat and prevents the pipes freezing up. If the condensing pipe for your boiler freezes up, your boiler will not operate, this is quite a common problem but often overlooked in the panic to get the heat on again.

So remember, check those pipes, if you have a water tank in the loft, make sure the tank and the pipes are insulated. With the new click piping, any weak connection has the potential to come apart pretty quickly if it freezes due to the fact it hasn’t been fitted properly. It’s rare, but does happen.

Here is a useful guide on how you can insulate your pipes

British Gas Homecare Overview

When your boiler breaks down there is never really a good time for it to happen, given most boilers supply both hot water  and heating to your property. There are a few “boiler service packages” on the market which cover the costs of repairing and servicing your boiler for a low monthly fee.

In this post we’ll take a look at Home Care packages offered by British Gas. There are 4 primary packages, from the basic package covering your boiler and boiler controls right up to Homcare 400 which covers all your plumbing and electrics as well as your complete heating system. We’ll take a look at the basic and highest packages because the packages inbetween are simply gradual upgrades from the basic package.

The basic package is Homecare 100, this package covers your boiler and boiler controls. As well are repairs to the boiler and controls it also incudes an annual boiler service. If your boiler is under 7 years old and cannot be repaired, the boiler will be replaced. If the boiler is between 7-10 years old it will be replaced only if British gas installed it and you have had a continous service agreement since it’s installation. We’d like to point out that if you have had a new boiler installed and it comes with a long warranty, having the boiler serviced annually is very likely to be a condition of the warranty, in these cases look at the fine print carefully as if you have serviced the boiler annually a monthly service agreement will likely not be of any benefit to you as you will likely be covered for the same repairs under the warranty, don’t be afraid to ask about the finer details of any warranty to get.

The Homecare 100 package does not cover any repairs or work to the heating system itself, any flushing or damage to the boiler caused by sludge in the system (although any reputable boiler installer will automatically flush your system prior to installing a new boiler anyway so this shouldn’t be an issue).

The Homecare 400 package is the all singing and dancing package, as expected covers alot more than the basic Homcare 100 package. The 400 package covers every the 100 package covers in additional it covers the hot and cold pipework in your home, repairing the taps, cisterns and more in your home as well as covering the wiring in your home. The main exclusions as similar to the 100 package with additions due to the additional cover such as electricial appliances wiring to outbuildings and accidental fusebox damage.

So are these types of service agrements worth having, yes and no. If you have not serviced your boiler and let’s say it is 3 years old or so, yes it makes sense, annual boiler service is around £60 and remember this cover also covers you for repairs so that is worth considering given boiler repairs can get expensive. If you want complete peace of mind for your home in general, e.g for peace fo mind about your pipework and electrics, yes it makes sense.

If you’re primarily looking for boiler cover and have had a boiler installed with a 10 year warranty, given an annual boiler service forms part of the warranty agreement then the monthly service agreeements lose their edge slightly because the warranty will cover repairs and replacement provided you have kept to the conditions of the warranty. If you feel the peace of mind of the higher packages which cover the pipework and electrics of your home is important then that may override the financial cost, given a new boiler will be covered by a warranty anyway.

Ultimately the decision would need to be based on your current needs and if your boiler has a warranty (subject to certain condition such as servicing), the conditions of any service agreement, any excess charges etc all need to be taken into account. Everyone will find themselves in a different situation so there is no straight forward yes or no answer. We would recommend if you have a warranty to look into the conditions of the warranty, have you kept to them, does the appeal of the bigger Homecare cover outweigh your existing cover, what are the conditions of any cover. Once you have done this , you will likely have your answer.

It is a good thing to have cover for your boiler and heaing system, sometimes your home insurance will even cover such breakdowns, again, you’ll need to do some research as to what protection if any, you currently have. The British Gas Homecare cover is very good, we’ve heard alot of good things about it and if you find you are looking for this type of cover we can certainly recommend you give it some serious thought as the bigger Homecare packages offer some ver comprehensive cover for a relatively low monthly fee.

We’ve detailed the basic and highest Homecare packages for you , you can find out details of the Homecare 200 and 300 packages by visiting their website at or watching the videos below which highlight the benefits of each package.



We will look into other service agreement offered by other companies in the future so you can make a comparison and choose the right service package based on your needs and which company you feel most comfortable using.

Get Your Tickets For PHEX 2015

The plumbing and heating exhibition( PHEX )  kicks off in manchester on the 14th and 15th of October. In additional to manchester the show also has addtional venues at chelsea and Alexandra Palace later in the year.

Known as one of the leading shows for those in the heating and plumbing trade it gives plumbers and heating engineers the chance to mingle and meet trade suppliers as well as possibly do some networking and meet some useful contacts for the future.

Some trade merchants are laying on coaches for get you there, which  leads us nicely to our next reason why you ought to be attending . discounts. What would a trade show be without discounts. All the leading industry names will be there so if you’re looking for something particular there will likely be a good opportunity to bag it at a discount.

PHEX has been running for over 20 years so they know a thing or two about what plumbers and heating engineers will be looking out for.

So how much are tickets, well believe it or not, tickets are FREE, so if you’re near by or can muster a few mates to come along it is well worth the visit. You can find out more at their website

Worcester Bosch Wave App

No, it’s not for surfing, the Worcester Bosch Wave app is enables you to control your central heating system from your smartphone. Picture the scene, you leave for work on a cold winters morning, as you’re driving to work you suddenly remember you forgot to set the heating, oh dear, you’ll be coming home to a cold house. That’s where the Worcester Bosch Wave app comes in. You’ll be given some simple set up instructions to follow, such as setting up a password etc, nice and secure.

Once the set up is all done, you can effectively control your central heating, wherever you are, how cool is that. With the weather in the UK, we all know we can literally get 2 seasons in one day, what if you’ve set your heating to come on based on the weather in the morning being miserable, only for it to transform after lunch, no problem, the Wave app will sort you out.

You can see the Worcester Bosch Wave up below, for installers, contact Worcester-Bosch for infomation on becoming an accredited installer, for consumers visit the Worcester-Bosch website to find an accredited installer near you and start utilising the power of Wave and your smartphone.

Public Liability Insurance For boiler Engineers

Public liability insurance is not something your average customer will really give any thought to, after all , how many times have you been asked to produce your public liability insurance cover for a residential job ?

However it is well worth mentioning on your website because it adds more credibility to your business and may even prompt a potential customer to ask other boiler engineers for proof of their insurance when getting quotes.

Most reputable businesses will have public liability insurance and if you don’t, go get covered because you need it for a reason. No one wants something to happen when they are on a job but sometimes things just happen. In case your new to public liability insurance in it’s basic terms it covers any damage you may accidentally cause in or on a customers property. Let’s say you accidently leave a pipe loose and water goes and floods a room ruining the ceiling and wallpaper, although you may try and deny responsibility (which usually makes the situation alot worse) you have to dig into your own pocket to fix it.

Public liability is there to protect your customers, if you cause some damage, what would be easier, picking up the phone and calling the insurance company who will arrange for all the work to be carried out for the cost of your excess or having to get all the quotes yourself and pay for it yourself.

When your working with gas we can’t think of a business that wouldn’t see the benefits of public liability insurance. One company will even give you a link so you can put your policy details on your website and potential customers can visit the link to see your policy , that’s a pretty cool way of standing out from the crowd.

So, if you’re starting a business, don’t forget to get your cover before you start trading, it is there to help you in the cases where things don’t go right.

Landlord Responsibilities Regarding Gas Safety

As a landlord you have certain responsibilities as regard to the gas safety for your tenants. It is the duty of a landlord to ensure all gas appliances and flues are safe to use and any repairs required are carried out without delay.

If you let your property through a letting agency and have a mantainance agreement in place, it is the landlords responsibility to ensure the contract includes all the legal requirements pertaining to gas safety. If in any doubt as regards to wether the contract includes the relevant gas safety requirements they should seek clarification of the contract terms from the letting agent.

Although not a legal required, yet, having a carbon monoxide alarm fitted in the premises is a great idea on a range of levels. The alarm should be audible and be placed beside any gas appliances within the property. Indeed there may be gas leak outwith the property, perhaps a supply pipe and the alarm would notify the any occupants to vacant the premises quickly and safely. For £15-20 it makes alot of sense to install on.

Flues must be free of blockages, flues are necessary to ensure the proper combustion of the gas, any blockages or improper fitting can lead to carbon monoxide leaking into the premises and causing a dangerous health hazard.

It is recommended gas appliances are check annually for proper working application and safety.

You can find out more about your responsibilities as a landlord here